True Collaboration Using DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE
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True Collaboration Using DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE

Peter Helgosson, Director, Prodtex ltd
Peter Helgosson, Director, Prodtex ltd

Peter Helgosson, Director, Prodtex ltd

Customers across different industries are facing the same challenges in their manufacturing assembly factories; new products with high variation, shorter time-to-market demands, all with restricted budgets. The solution must be flexible production equipment which adds increased complexity, to handle the product variations. The solution also needs an increased number of engineers to handle the short development time for the new products and processes. As a result of these increased costs, engineers must consider automation to keep costs low; adding further complexity to the manufacturing.

Due to the challenges facing the engineering industry today, there is a need for a better, more efficient tool to solve problems. This is where DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE truly empowers engineers: integrating robotics, tooling, and process teams for the better.

Following the challenges which industry four presents, engineers are no longer just designing but instead having to integrate and develop an entire digital factory. This can involve factory layout, equipment design, digital process, digital work instructions, and ergonomic; all of which can be developed in a single seamless I4R platform: 3DEXPERIENCE.

For example, we have previously had three engineers working on and reviewing different areas of a single manufacturing solution at the same time, meaning the solution was developed significantly quicker than the traditional method.

 3DEXPERIENCE uses one set of data on secure servers without the need for ultra high computational power and large storage to open complex models 

Furthermore, a colossal benefit of having the data in one system allows engineers to understand, innovate, and develop much larger systems than ever before. This was not possible before, due to multiple software integration issues. Whereas 3DEXPERIENCE uses one set of data on secure servers without the need for ultra high computational power and large storage to open complex models.

As companies can have a digital factory this means they have the ability to analyse and optimize entire systems before capital investment. This is making companies more competitive, de-risking engineering solutions through digitalization’s.

An understated benefit of digital manufacturing is the ability to convey and demonstrate manufacturing solutions to both internal and external sales and marketing teams. For future large tenders, the most successful company will always be the company that can demonstrate their solutions virtually and prove the concept deliverable. From personal experience, there is nothing better than showing your customer your solution virtually to gain their trust and confidence.

In conclusion, the businesses that will succeed in the future will need to have a true collaborative platform for the entire business (engineers, project managers and sales). This will be a key tool for companies to survive as competition increases and customers demand a shorter product development time to market. 

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